Our Services



  • Okanogan Behavioral HealthCare: 509-826-6191 / 866-826-6191

Clients will not be denied services based on their inability to pay.  OBHC offers a sliding fee discount based on family size and income.

Emergency Crisis Services

These services are designed to provide immediate intervention for individuals experiencing emotional crisis. Licensed professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week county-wide. For immediate assistance, please contact us at 509.826.6191 or 866.826.6191. Services necessary for involuntary care or commitment to a state or private hospital are also provided. Crisis respite services may be offered if indicated. These services are provided for the purpose of immediately stabilizing an emergency situation and, if possible, to resolve the conditions that caused the crisis. If additional services are necessary, a referral to the appropriate provider will be made.


To assist you in your recovery process, we offer an array of Mental Health services. Our team of professionals will work with you to develop a plan which is individualized and your services may include individual, family and group therapy, as well as medication management through our psychiatrist. For information on how to get an appointment, call 509-826-6191 or 866-826-6191.


The program also maintains current agreements with state and private hospitals for both short and long term inpatient hospitalizations.

Community Stabilization

As part of the individualized plan mentioned above, your needs may indicate a focus on activities intended to support you with your long-term mental health needs. We offer outreach case management, medication management, daily structure and support, life-skills training, development of vocational skills and residential resources.

Goal of the Program

  • To support and engage you in managing your personal growth and recovery.

  • Slowing the regression of mentally disabled individuals

  • Supporting & assisting individuals /families in resolving emotional problems which impede functioning

  • Providing for a better understanding of mental illness & emotional health through community education


We offer information in general public forums or in specific educational settings to enhance recognition of mental health issues, promote sound mental health, develop skills in the mental health field, and/or prevent development of mental illness.


The use of diagnostic interview and other relevant mental health skills to assess the service needs of people, and to initiate or modify treatment plans or to make referrals as appropriate.  Consideration is given to a full range of inpatient treatment programs.


The provision of information and/or guidance from a mental health perspective to other professionals or groups to promote increased effectiveness in delivering services to others.

Special Programs

We have trained, dedicated staff who specialize in the services we offer to children, older adults and minority populations. In addition, we use consulting services in some cases to ensure that you receive the most appropriate services for your unique situation.

Payment for Services

DSHS Provider One Card or Private Insurance: If you have private insurance, we will bill your carrier in most cases.  Clients will not be denied services based on their inability to pay.  OBHC offers a sliding fee discount based on family size and income.

If you have questions regarding payment or billing, please contact our finance department at 509-826-6191.

Equal Rights

It is the policy of Okanogan Behavioral HealthCare that all programs and activities of the agency or any of its contractors will be conducted without regard to race, color, national origin, marital status, disabled or veteran status, gender, handicap, religion, creed, age, or sexual orientation.

Bilingual Services

All services provided at our agency are also available in Spanish. 

*Language interpreter services are available at no cost*