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Okanogan County Adult Felony Drug Court, was established in 2005 and represents coordinated efforts of justice and treatment professionals who actively intervene and break the cycle of substance abuse, addiction, and crime.  As an alternative to less effective interventions, Okanogan County Adult Felony Drug Court quickly identifies substance abusing offenders and places them under ongoing judicial monitoring, community supervision, coupled with effective, long-term treatment services.


Okanogan County Adult Felony Drug Court is a 24 month, four-phase program for adults who have been charged with one or more non-violent drug offenses and who are having difficulty staying clean and sober. It is a collaborative effort between the Superior Court Judge, Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Public Defenders Office, Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office, Okanogan Behavioral HealthCare, Community Supervision Officer and Treatment Program.  By working together, they seek to provide a variety of programs and consistent supervision geared toward supporting and helping the participant maintain a crime and drug-free life.

Okanogan County Adult Drug Court involves frequent court appearances, random drug testing as well as group and individual counseling. The Court awards incentives for compliant behavior and imposes sanctions for negative behavior. Participants who do not comply with the rules may be placed in short-term custody, moved back to the previous phase of drug court or a variety of other sanctions. They may also be terminated from Drug Court.  All of the staff working with Drug Court will assist the participant to be sure they understand what is expected of them.

Successful completion of the drug court program may result in dismissal of the charges, reduced or set aside sentences, lesser penalties, or a combination of these. Most importantly, graduating participants gain the necessary tools to rebuild their lives.

Okanogan County Adult Felony Drug Court Team

The Drug Court Judge along with the Drug Court Team make the decisions regarding participation in the Drug Court Program.  In addition to the Judge the Drug Court Team consists of the following members:

  • Defense Attorney
  • Prosecuting Attorney
  • Community Supervision Officer
  • Treatment Provider(s)
  • Law Enforcement
  • Therapeutic Court Coordinator
  • Case Manager

Prior to the Drug Court session, the Drug Court Team members familiarize themselves with current progress reports so that they may discuss that progress with the participant during the Drug Court session.  

Okanogan County Drug Court Hearings are every Friday morning at 10:00 am in Superior Court.

For more information about Okanogan County Therapeutic Courts:

Okanogan Behavioral HealthCare (OBHC)
Chemical Dependency Treatment/ Mental Health Treatment Providers
OBHC Toll Free 1.866.826.6191
Nancy Barnes, Drug Court Community Supervision Officer 509.826.8460
OBHC UA-Colorline,Phone-in time (between 5:30 a.m. & 8:00 a.m.) 509.826.8599
Okanogan County District Court 509.422.7170
Okanogan County Superior Court 509.422.7130
Okanogan County Prosecutor’s Office (choose Felony Court option) 509.422.7280
Okanogan County Therapeutic Court Coordinator 509.826.6191

Additional Therapeutic Courts will be available in Okanogan County in the near future.  Keep checking on their development!

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